Treatment for Metallic Taste in your Mouth 

Different or misleading taste sense causing sour, metallic, sour or even metal like tang in mouth is known as ‘Dyspepsia'.  This odd metal like taste usually heads off by itself in a few days and doesn't require intervention of any medication. However, if you are confronting metallic taste in mouth on a continuous basis then it can be linked with specific health conditions. Therefore, it is quite significant to be aware of the facts that can bring this change in your taste. The factors responsible are:

  • Disorder in nervous system. 
  •  Medication
  • Infection and allergy
  • Inhaling substances
  • Food poisoning of marine food
  • Systemic Diseases
  • Oral and sinus disorder
  • Pregnancy
  •  Metals in body

Additional factors that may be responsible are excess habit of smoking, aging, leakage of tooth's metal filling or consumption of ground water having raised metal levels.

Remedies at home

Although it is always wise to refer a physician for cure, but you can also track natural remedies stated above:

  1. Teeth brushing for two times in a day with toothpaste having mint flavor can be a great help. Lack of personal hygiene and cleanliness is a highly common culprit for changed taste sense. Never forget to apply floss in combination with brushing and employ scrapper for cleaning of your tongue.
  2. Consume a huge amount of water for entire day as it will eradicate the bitter taste in your mouth. It is also a good idea to consume fresh fruit juices in addition to water. The fruits may be lime, grapefruit, orange and lemon.
  3. Foods having sour taste or marinated with vinegar including sauces, chutney and pickles will also assist in the elimination of metal like taste.
  4. Another incredible remedy for bad taste is ‘chewing gum'.
  5. Employment of a suitable wash for mouth or even saline water is effective for eliminating bacteria and maintains the freshness of oral cavity.
  6. Baking soda is also effective as it counteracts acids and eradicates the metallic taste. Another remedy is to mix it with toothpaste and salt for eliminating bad and metallic taste in your mouth.
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